The Greater Memphis Greenline has launched a variety of Game Changing Projects:

Shelby Farms Greenline

The Shelby Farms Greenline is a 10-mile urban trail connecting Midtown Memphis to Shelby Farms Park–the largest park of its kind in the country. The trail is an incredible community asset that provides new opportunities for recreation, exercise, togetherness, healthy activity, commuting and more. The paved trail currently runs from Tillman St. at Walnut Grove Rd. in Midtown to the Cordova Rail Depot. There are access points at Tillman St., Highland St., High Point Terrace, Graham St., Waring Rd., Podesta St., Sycamore View Rd., Farm Rd., Germantown Parkway and Main St. Cordova.

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The Hampline

Designed to be a safe active transit route, the Hampline is a two mile, on-road/multi-use trail designed for all levels of experience in walking and biking. It will showcase best practices with regards to protected cycle tracks – green lanes. By linking the western terminus of the Shelby Farms Greenline with the existing trail network within Overton Park, the Hampline is the essential link for the growing on-road and multi-use system in east Memphis and beyond with the on-road bicycle network west of Overton Park toward the River.

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Harahan Bridge Project – Big River Crossing

Opened October 22, 2016, Big River Crossing is the longest public pedestrian/bike bridge across the Mississippi River, providing dramatic views of its ever-changing landscape. By connecting Main Streets in Memphis and West Memphis, the BRX ties together urban, rural, and natural areas and gives users recreation options unique to each setting.

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Memphis & Shelby County Bike Map

Highlighting over 60 miles of bike lanes, off-road trails and protected pathways, the Memphis and Shelby County Bike Map can help you choose the safest and most convenient riding routes. Our Memphis bike map is intended for recreational and commuter riders of all skills and ability levels. Use it as a guide for your next ride to access nearby attractions, bike shops and points of interest. 

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Memphis Mural Project

A permanent 1/4 mile-long art gallery created by 71 different artists. Murals start at Evergreen and Marble Avenue. Greater Memphis Greenline has helped make these murals possible as one part of their advocacy for the implementation of a Chelsea Avenue Greenline.