Slow Ride Binghampton –


Senior Cycles

In collaboration with the Bickford Senior Program and Revolutions Bicycle Co-operative, GMG will be placing adult tricycles at the Bickford Community Center. Through this initiative, GMG will work to promote health, wellness and transportation opportunities with the program’s fifty daily participants. During the Pilot’s three month run, GMG will host a variety of event to teach bike safety and ridership while encouraging the seniors to ride and explore the unique green spaces throughout North Memphis.

Slow-ride Binghampton: A slow ride bike program that will use the Greenline (at Tillman) to promote being active and bike riding for adults and seniors. Rides will occur on Saturdays at 5 p.m. starting in August and will be promoted across the neighborhood by the Carpenter Street Art House and Bike Shop.

Talk with a Doc – N. Memphis: A national curated walking program that brings medical resources to inner-city neighborhoods to educate and lead healthy activities. The North Memphis program will be led by medical residents at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital who will present a weekly program about important health information followed by a walk around the neighborhood. The program will target parents and children with a focus on creating a culture of health and active living for both generations.